The story so far ……My name is Pauline Robson, I had been interested in alpacas for many years and longed to keep some but it was only after moving to a larger farm in South Lanarkshire that I was, at last, able to explore my long held wish to bring alpacas into my life.  It took a while longer before finally, in 2010, I took the plunge and brought home 2 pregnant ladies.  One near disaster and one cria later Westyett Alpacas came to be.  Subsequently, with additional purchases and the arrival of more cria, my herd now numbers nearly thirty and is still growing!  image1
 image2 As you might imagine, I love looking after them and working with the fibre, halter training the youngsters and travelling with them to shows at which, happily, we have had some successes, bringing home some championship sashes, rosettes and positive comments from the judges.  We also like to take the alpacas to a few other shows through the summer where we can meet people and spread the word ‘Alpacas and alpaca products are great!’
Having said that, much of the enjoyment gained from having them is merely from watching them and being around them.  Although they look very huggable, most alpacas aren’t too keen on being handled but, like most animals, respond quite well to people they know and often aren’t averse to a little bribery in the form of the occasional edible treat.  3girlsDrymenweb